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Bandar Abbas – Qeshm water supply project, MC

Client Ministry of Energy
Hormozgan Regional Water Company (HRWC)
Project Water Supply from Bandar Abbas to Qeshm Island
Location Bandar Abbas – Qeshm Island
Contract Period 24 months
Project Consultant Mahab Ghods Consulting Engineers Co.
On-Shore Pipeline Contractor Ahab – WTD Consortium
Submarine Pipeline Contractor Sadra Co.
Pipe Supply Sadid Co.
Pipe Lining & Coating Contractor BORNAK Co.

The main portion of the budget for this project has been provided by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to the I.R.of Iran and it has been allocated to cover the project.

Project objectives

Supplying Qeshm Island and a part of Hormozagan Province in the coastal industrial districts with 900 lit / sec of fresh water with the following distribution scheme:

Main discharge flow from Damahi Storage Tanks 900 lit/sec
Current flow to industries and the refinery in the coastal area 250 lit/sec
Current flow to Khamir Water Supply Project 150 lit/sec
Current flow to Dargahan and West of Qeshm 200 lit/sec
Current flow to Qeshm Reservoir Tanks 300 lit/sec

Project Technical Characteristics

Flow route Access roads Chlorination
Pipe specification Pump Houses  

Flow route

The flow line starts from Damahi Storage Tanks and lays alongside the Khamir road, passing Tazian road. Futher,the line passes the behind of Persian Gulf shipyard and reaches the coast, where the 9.3 km long off-shore line crosses the seabed and connects to Kuvehei Port in Qeshm with junctions to Qeshm town and Dargahan.

Pipe Specification

Approximately total 90 km of steel pipe including:

  • 24 km of main pipe line to take 900 lit/sec of water from Damahi Tank Storage's to first junction to industrial district,
  • 21 km of pipeline to take 650 lit/sec from the industries junction to the pump station next to the shipyard.
  • 4 km of pipe line to take 500 lit / sec from the pump station to the offshore pipe line
  • 9.3 km of offshore pipeline to take 500 lit/sec.
  • 8 km of pipeline to take 300 lit / sec from Dargahan junction to the intake of Qeshm Town Reservoir Tanks.

  • All of pipeline will be protected by internal lining suitable for potable water and Cathodic protection system.

    Access roads

    A total 43 km of access roads including 21 km in the main land and 22 km in Qeshm Island will be constructed.

    Pump Houses

  • Pump house at Minab purification plant discharge
  • 4+1 pumps with basic discharge of 500 lit / sec and 100m each with of head will be installed.

  • Pump house next to the shipyard
  • pumps with basic discharge of 125 lit/sec and each with 180m of head will be installed to supply water to Qeshm and 75 lit / sec with 115 m of head pumps will be utilized for Khamir Water Supply Project.


    As purified water will be supplied from Damahi Storage Tanks for Bandar Abbas area and Qeshm, a chlorination plant comprising of chlorinations, booster pumps & chlor bottles have been considered in the pump station next to the shipyard.

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