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Ghaen combined cycle power plant; fuel supply system, EPC

Client Ministry of Energy
Iran power plant projects management Co. (MAPNA)
Project Fuel supply system, ghaen combined cycle power plant; EPC.
Location Ghaen
Contract Period 20 months

Project objectives

The aim of this project was implementation of engineering, procurement, construction of fuel supply system and auxiliary steam for the power plant, that gas supply system is as main fuel and gasoil is as auxiliary fuel.

Project's main components:

a) gas fuel system(main)

implementation of gas system has started from the station belongs to national Iranian gas company (NIGC) in power plant yard and transmit gas to main consumers; four gas turbines. and contemporary transmits gas in another route, to secondary pressure decrease station, that services fuel supplement sundries units, such as:

Auxiliary boiler, management buildings, official buildings and etc.

b) liquid fuel system(auxiliary)

gasoil system in this project, has started from gasoil un loading; that it's capacity is equal to 6 fuel tankers contemporary; that in its rout has unloading; that it's capacity is equal to 6 fuel tankers contemporary; that in its rout has unloading pump house, unloading 100m tank, two 20.000m fuel tanks, and fuel buoyancy pump house towards power plant units and connection pipes complex.

Assignment of Behin Saman Sarzamin

Engineering, procurement and installation of equipments, such as pipes, values, instrument, and etc.

This contract was prophesied on 1386/9 and finished on 1389.

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