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Shamil and Nian Dams and Related Facilities, MC

Client Ministry of Energy
Hormozgan Regional Water Company
Project Project Shamil & Nian Dams and related installations
Location Bandar Abbas
Contract Period 36 months
Project Consultant Moshanir Consultant Engineers Company
Main Contractor Hamoon / Didas Consortium

The project has used the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) loan received by the Islamic Republic of Iran's government, aiming at supplying 70,000,000 m3 water according to the followings.

Project objectives

  • Supplying a portion of Bandar Abbas fresh water by maintaining the water share of Dashte Minab farmland and using the equivalent amount from Minab dam to Bandar Abbas & Qeshm.
  • Supplying the water share for irrigation of Dashte Shamil - Takht.
  • Supplying the water share for Zendan & Shamil rivers basic discharge flow for environmental preservation.
  • Supplying the water share for recharging of the aquifer of Dashte Shamil - Takht and flood controlling.

    Project sites location:

    Shamil dam is located on Shamil river and Nian dam is on Zendan river with a distance of 5 km from each other and they are located about 80 km northeast of Bandar Abbas.

    Project's main components:

  • Nian earth fill dam with the height of 27.3 m and length of 510m, clay core with gated spillway and bottom outlet (including 1.1 million m3 earth filling, 0.9 million m3 excavation and 60,000 m3 concrete vol.)
  • Nian earth fill dam with the height of 22.3 m and length of 1,200m, clay core with outlet and intake structure (including 2 million m3 earth filling, 0.1 million m3 excavation and 10,000 m3 concrete vol).
  • Embankment saddle dam with the height of 3 to 5 m and total length of 750 m, saddle weir, fuse plug spillway and hunch back canal at the reservoir edge (including 0.2 million m3 earth filling, 2.5 million m3 excavation and 13,000 m3 concrete vol).
  • An underground pumping station with water intake of 1 m3 / sec and head of 30m, with collecting galleries under the reservoir bed in the depth of 20m and lengh of 150m (with 5,000 m3 concrete and 1,000 m3 excavation).
  • Administrative and residential camp (about 6,000 m2 under construction in 18 one and two stories steel structured buildings).

    Assignment of Behin Saman Sarzamin

    BSS as a Project Management Unit has successfully accomplished the responsibility of overall management of the project, including follow-up, coordinations, control and supervision over the consultant activities in sellecting the contractors of Shamil & Nian Dam, and has negotiated the pertinent contracts with the parties involved, in close coordination with the client, the consultant and The Islamic Development Bank as the financier.

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