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Babdar Imam Environmental Pollutants Control project, MC

Client Ministry of Petroleum
Project Environmental Pollutants Control Project of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Co.
Location Bandar Imam
Contract Period 36 months

Project objectives

The objectives of the project are Management of the minimization project, Optimization of effluent and sewage treatment of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex in compliance with the standards of IRAN,s environmental organization and Recovery of "industrial and sanitary waste waters complex" in particular and "the environment pollutants control of the complex" in general.

Assignment of Behin Saman Sarzamin / Tabdil Energy Paya Consortium:

The assignment of Behin Saman Sarzamin / Tabdil Energy Paya Consortium as the management unit is as follows:

  • Management of studies stage
  • Management of the implementation and supervision stage
  • Management of commissioning and temporary hand over stage
  • Management of general services
  • Management of monitoring duration

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