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Aiming at implementing large scale infrastructural, developmental and industrial projects, a group of well versed executive managers and experienced experts with valuable background in high state and private positions have teamed up to materialize the Project Management theory and carrying out the projects by utilizing Engineering & Construction method. Behin Saman Sarzamin (BSS) has a special position within large domestic clients because of the proficiency and experiences' high level of its senior managers that have long resume in large projects management and utilize technical knowledge and great administrative experiences. The success in implementation of projects on EPC basis with BSS as the main body and the other companies as the contributors is a proven fact. This achievement has resulted in an increasing demand for EPC implementation of the projects by public clients. The completion of the cooling system of Shariati power plant in Mashad within the client's master schedule in addition to BSS capability is a typical example of the leading capability of BSS in a multi company consortium as well. Participation of BSS in the large industrial and developmental project tenders and being qualified by the tender holders authorities is deeply seated in BSS unquestionable capacities.

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Field Of Activities

BSS extends its EPC or Turn-Key basis and MC services to various fields of activities, some of which are indicated hereunder:

  • Oil, gas and petrochemical industries' projects.
  • Dam construction and water supply systems.
  • Hydro and thermal power plant projects.
  • Multi purpose ports and marine structure projects.
  • Factories construction.
  • Oil and Gas pipeline projects.
  • Booster and pump station projects.
  • Large civil projects.

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